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Whispers of Light

Bodiography Contemporary Ballet Repertory CompanyA Special Evening for Grieving Children

Whispers of Light: A Story of Hope is an original ballet reflecting a child's journey of grief.

A collaboration between the Highmark Caring Place and Maria Caruso's Bodiography Contemporary Ballet Repertory Company, this signature event works to raise awareness of grieving children and of the Caring Place in a new and unique way throughout the community.

The missions of the two organizations complement each other well: Bodiography's mission is to use multi-genre ballet and contemporary music to focus on significant societal issues that express our shared humanity while the mission of the Highmark Caring Place is to make a difference in the lives of grieving children.

With the two working together, this special event gives a voice and face to children who for too long have been hidden in the shadows.Whispers of Light ballet

About the Show

Whispers of Light is a 70-minute ballet that focuses on the stories of children who have benefited from the services of the Caring Place, children who are not only "technical advisors" to the production but who also share the stage with the dancers in the telling of their stories.

Families who attend the Caring Place work side-by-side with dancers from Bodiography to develop the dance numbers based on their experiences and emotions through their journey of grief, from loss to hope.

As the children explain their feelings and provide their advice for the production, the dancers develop gestures and movements to translate the stories into a ballet performance.

Whispers of Light balletOn stage, as the children work on activities similar to those done at the Caring Place, the dancers reflect their stories through bodily movement and gesture while the Butterfly of Hope ties it all together.

The performance portrays the needs of grieving children and increases awareness of the Caring Place, providing an opportunity to reach a whole new group of people in the community who may not have been aware of the Caring Place and its services.


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