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Grief Talks: Caring Place Webinars

"GRIEF TALKS" is a series of educational webinars hosted by Caring Place staff members — experts with many years of experience working with grieving children and families.

These seminars focus on a wide range of topics around grief and support. They provide audiences a deep understanding of the experiences of grieving children and adults, and offer family-tested ways of moving on into life in the midst of grief.

Follow the link for information about, and to register for, the next webinar in the series:

The Curious Observer, Part 2
Wednesday, March 3
2-3:30 pm

What's Lost, What's Left, What's Possible: Losses and Hopes for Volunteerism in a Pandemic & Beyond
Wednesday, April 7
2-3:30 pm

Recordings of our most recent webinars are available for a limited time here: