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Memory Page

This Memory Page is a place where you can share memories of your loved ones. Like an extension of the Caring Place, this page provides a safe place for people to tell their stories and a place where those stories can be read by others.


Submitted by Mary:

My Mom was one of the greatest people I know. She was my best friend, biggest cheerleader, my rock. I miss her more than words…

Submitted by Alexis, Age 10:

My grandma went to heaven 2 weeks ago. She was loving, nice and caring. I love her and miss her.

Submitted by Natalie:

In memory of my mom Shirley and my dad Richard. Shirley died on Jan 31, 2021 and Richard died on Nov 26, 2020.

Submitted by Rose:

In memory of my son Connor. He was with us for a wonderfully short life. His twin, sisters and his parents miss him very much, but know you are always with us and in our hearts.

Connor Reichle 4/27/2017-6/7/2017

Submitted by Grieving Mother:

In memory of my precious son, Daniel Sky, who first left us by moving to his father's home in Georgia, to only find a more permanent way of leaving through suicide 13 months later. I'm heartbroken and my 2 daughters are devastated as well. I'm not sure how to help them because I'm not sure of anything anymore. I know the girls need me, but I have no confidence and easily overwhelmed. My emotions are all over the place and I feel stuck. How do you help your remaining children grieve when you can't master your own emotions?

Daniel Sky, Forever 16 đź’”
06/09/2004 - 03/09/2021

Submitted by Lonnah:

In the memory of Dimantae Bronaugh, July 11th 1997 to November 29th 2016. He died of cancer, he was my cousin and he was very good at football had so many offers. The Steelers played a game for him. He was a nice loving person but he couldn't beat the cancer a second time. But at least his battle was over and his pain was no more.

Submitted by Ruthie:

In Loving Memory Of Hercules (7/9/75-8/23/14) murdered while doing what he loved! Not a day goes by where he's not thought of. His Sweet, Loving, Protecting spirit will ALWAYS be missed. My Companion and my soul mate of 17yrs—Hercules leaves behind 9 children that he loved dearly! My greatest memories of him include family gatherings/cookouts, fishing and just HIM always wanting to help! As long as I have Breath In MY body he will NEVER be forgotten. We miss you my Love! Continue to rest in paradise.

Submitted by Junior:

I lost my Dad 4 years ago. I was always to be strong. But I am not strong like he was. But he always said to me, up until his last days, was to take care of my family.

After reading all of these memories, I will remember what he taught me. But, I think it is time for me to stop thinking I wish I should have did this or said that before he was gone and move on to be happy so I can take care of my family as he wished.

Submitted by Samonia:

My 5 year old has never met my parents or my grandparents and misses them all the time. She cries for them. I am their only child, and as tough as it was losing both so young, I hurt that she never met them. I do tell her & myself they are all here with us. I love and miss them very much.

In Loving Memory of Rita Nathan 11/2/1958 - 1/27/2004 (breast cancer) James Nathan 3/9/1956 - 2/12/1984 (Killed in a robbery)

Submitted by Michele:

Missing my brother Tom who died tragically due to a construction accident Sept. 3, 2006. His children were ten and two years old and participated in the Caring Place program. His son was just married at Disney world and I know he was looking down upon him as a proud father would. Love you. Sis

Submitted by Janice:

Our son John Klimchak, passed away April 28, 2019, from opioids laced with fentanyl and heroin. He was a great dad, leaving two children and a grieving family who loved him beyond words. He had a great smile that lit up a room, his sense of humor was so warming, his hugs, like bear hugs, are so missed. We miss him every minute of our day. Forever 45 ☹ ♥

Submitted by Kristie:

In loving memory of Patty Shoemaker. She was an amazing mom and grandmother and we love her and miss her so much! I hope you are happy and healthy in Heaven and we will meet again! I love you so much! September 20, 1954-August 30, 2019

Submitted by Christina:

In loving memory of my father, Christopher Michael Pasinski. 12.9.69 - 6.22.11

Submitted by JCynthia:

Josephine Nelms Margaret Smith Gladys Jones

Submitted by Sheryl:

On October 29, 2002, my husband, my 4 kids’ father, was killed in an accident while working at AK Steel, and our world felt like it came to a screeching stop. As I sat in my living room one late evening 6 months after the accident and watching my younger two struggle with their grief and myself grieving, feeling powerless to help them because I too was sinking in grief, losing hope even though I had the belief in God, I was so broken, so alone, I couldn’t help myself or my children... And then the ad came on for the Caring Place, the next day I called and I soon registered my children and myself.

Submitted by Terri:

In memory of Elizabeth O'Leary aka (Lizzie) May 28, 1993 to May 4, 2017 of a O.D. Loving sister, mom, and daughter.

Submitted by Deena:

In loving memory on my son Kyler J Waiwada-Littles tragically taken by gun violence.... 06/11/2001-08/30/2019

Submitted by Gale:

In memory of my daughter, Staci Lynn — who lost her life to domestic homicide with a firearm.... Strong & sassy to a fault; we never worried that anyone would take advantage of her; she was the dominant in relationships and was very clear in her views. To have her fall prey to an abusive intimate relationship is hard to comprehend; especially with such an accelerated time line—February to July. I have so many questions to ask her and she was so close to finally being free of the situation when the worst happened. I struggle to understand all aspects and the loss of my child, not to mention how this now affects her children... but I'm trying. All my love—Mom

Submitted by Shemeika:

I lost my nephew Cord on April 9, 2019, he suffered from Mental Health issues. I have a peace because I know that the disease is no longer with him, he is now Free! He's normal as he wanted to be. I am a very spiritual person but have had a hard time accepting this, at times I feel like I can't breathe, at times just wanting to scream! I want to keep his name alive. Oh what I wouldn't give to hear him say Aunt Pooh. Cordaris was a protector of his family. He loved his family and I just miss him so much. Love you #1 and only nephew.

Submitted by Andrew:

Karen Woods, my mother took us on many trips. My favorite was my Disney trip during Christmas 2017. The trip was surreal and beyond my dreams, and I wish that my mom was here right now.

Submitted by Tristen:

My brother Kameron passed away on 9/11/18. Not only was he an amazing brother, he was a phenomenal uncle to each of my three kids. He is missed dearly by each one of us. The things I miss most are his hugs, our talks, his positive outlook on life and most of all his laughter and smile. He had a way of touching hearts and bringing happiness to a room. In his short 27 years, he made an impact on many lives.

Submitted by Dale:

I lost my beautiful daughter Jamie Lynn on 5/15/18. She left behind a beautiful 3 year old daughter Chloe and 5 week old son Cody. She is such a special person and had touched so many lives in her 38 short years of life and in death. My whole family as well as all those who knew her are devastated we miss her so much. We will never forget her big beautiful smile.

Submitted by Lisa:

Dad — you were the best dad a girl could ever have. I'm sorry you suffered as long as you did. I'm sorry you had to go. You are still loved and you will be missed forever. I'm finding peace knowing you are whole again and no longer in pain.

Submitted by Susan:

We went to one of your first sessions, we attended Feb 1998. Our 5 year old Sarah passed away Sept 1997 and I searched for a grief support group for our 10 year old daughter. We attended for our 10 year old daughter, that was the plan, but we all benefited from the program. We attended the ceremony in Dec every year until our daughter moved away to live in NC where she is now a 4th grade teacher. Then my husband walked away from our marriage in 2013 and I haven't been back since but I highly recommend this program.

Submitted by Jasmine:

I'm remembering my grandmother Shirley Harris who passed on December 12, 2016. She was my best friend and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. She was a strong and supportive woman who believed in me even when she shouldn't have.

I also remember Wanda Bernice Warren who passed away on June 18, 2018. The sister of my grandmother, she fought mental illness throughout her final days. I can still hear her laugh and feel her love.

Submitted by Susan:

Martiana Kay Gonzales my first born left behind an amazing 8 year old son Xayvier Moya whom I am now raising she was such a sweetheart everyone who met her fell in love with her. She had a smile that could light up the world. You live on through this wonderful little boy you blessed us with.

Submitted by Shelly:

Leia Lamonde 9/14/86-01/23/2018 left behind two boys and she was loved by many of us and we just want her to be remembered by all.

Submitted by Emma:

my friend dawn committed suicide back in January of 2017 and its rough sometimes I even blame myself even if others tell me not to blame myself but I will always feel like it was my fault

Submitted by Darla:

In memory of my Son, Christopher Dolney, age 39 who was in a coma for weeks. He has three daughters who went to see him and they started a notebook for anyone who came to see him. They wanted people to read and write something in the notebook for when he woke up. He never did. We all miss him terribly. They have been going to the Caring Place which is a wonderful program and helped them cope. Thanks for all your help and support.

Submitted by Denise:

Matthew John Lutz He is my son and I loved him from the day I first laid eyes on him at 3:33 pm and I will love him forever!!! I was 19 years old when he was born I didn't know a whole lot about life then, (and maybe I still don't) but I knew that he was one of the very very very best things in my life and I loved him with all of my heart and soul!!!!!

I had hopes and plans for my son like every mother does and for the most part everything went accordingly, but THIS WAS NOT IN MY PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I am heartbroken and will never ever be the same! He was a special person and I was privileged to be his mom for 32 years, 3 months and almost 24 days on this earth, but FOREVER in my heart!!! I love you Matthew John and I miss your big, beautiful, bright smile, the sound of your voice, your laugh, I miss talking to you and having a cup of coffee with you, seeing you and K jump on the trampoline and taking selfies, I miss everything about you!!! I can't fix this , no one can…It hurts so deep I can't breathe…

Submitted by Nicole:
My daughter's father died on 12/21/15. She is 6 years old, she remembers her father and keeps him close by hugging a Teddy bear she received as a special delivery from Santa the day he died. She remembers her Daddy loved to give her big bear hugs so now she hugs her Teddy tight when she leaves for school and when she misses him…

Submitted by Jhani:
when javonie and I was playing outside on his bike

Submitted by Mattayha:
"My mom passed a few days ago and all I can remember is all the laughs and giggles we had together."

Submitted by Gayla:
"To our sweet adorably precious mom Iona, Your kind hearted soul kept us all together. You've always been our families rock and foundation we leaned on. You taught us the value and important lessons in life of helping others that are in need, not to judge others, and if we don't have anything nice to say about someone, not to say anything at all. All this has given my life's journey a new meaning and a new perspective in my life that I will hold dear to my heart and cherish forever. Mom, you, I and your very special Bleuberree Angel, had a grand journey these past 11 years and a lot of fun along the way.

We both miss you with all our hearts, and we love you to the moon and back forever.

When we cross that Great Divide we will meet you on that beautiful shore. Until we meet again, know we are very proud that your journey through this life came to Heaven's Gate with you being welcomed by a host of Angels.

In loving memory of our mom, wife, grandma, and great grandma, Iona, 11/08/2015.

Your loving daughter, Gayla and Your Very Special Bleuberree Angel 11/20/2015"

Submitted by Amari:
"my name is Amari Curlett My Brother Name Was Javonie Darnell Curlett Maccallum his Birth Day Was 4/25/08 the Day he Passed Was 5/19/11 my memory I have of javonie was when was playing football wit my other brother Jamari they always used to play fight My Brother javonie have the most biggest beautiful eyes and a smile out dis world javonie and my mom was always together ALLWAYS She Allways Talk About Him and that makes me Feel So Good Because she's keepin His Name Alive I Really Do miss my brother so Much I miss everything about him the way he laugh the way he talk and walk but I know God Is Holding my brother in his Arms wit a big Smile on His Face I am blessed to called him My Baby Brother I miss and love u javonie — Mari"

Submitted by Jenna:
"My dad died when I was three. When I knew him, he was a wonderful person. I still wonder what life would be like if he was still living. RIP daddy."

Submitted by Rhiannon:
"My son, Robbie, passed away the day before his 14th birthday due to a seizure. He had intractible epilepsy. No matter how bad things were for him, no matter how many hospital stays, no matter how many surgeries, he always had a smile on his face and said 'I'm OK Mom.' His brother and I miss him desperately. Love you Rob (7/3/2001-7/2/2015)"

Submitted by Colleen:
"My husband Dave of 20 years suddenly left our lives in 2013. He is a great man who loved me and his five children more than anything. His love for Jesus and his friends and family are the memory we hold deep within our hearts. Until we can be together again, we think of you every day and miss you!"

Submitted by Elise and Dylan:
"Lou was the best husband and father in the world. He was only 32 years old when he was taken from us. He loved his family, punk rock, riding trains, and his dogs. We miss you every day, Lou Dog! (10/19/1981-12/07/2013) "

Submitted by Anthony:
"My sister Maria died on September 11, 2012. She was 54 years old and was my best friend. Maria was a giver and would reach out to help anyone who was in need. I honor her life every day by giving of myself to those in need, and for me, it is the best way to keep her memory alive."

Submitted by Michele:
"This is something one of the band parents wrote about my husband. I think she summed him up well, it's hard to put into words the kind of person he was. He had a huge impact on his students and family. Jason always said he wanted to leave a legacy of music, and I think he has.

Who was Mr Jason Dilliott? He was Mr D! He was married to the love of his life, Michele. He was a loving father to Jake and Sarah. He was the cornerstone of Northgate School Districts Instrumental Music program. He was an accomplished musician in several bands. He was the director of the Northgate Marching Band and Sizzlers Jazz band.

Mr. D lived music. His passion ran so deeply for his students that they played at his and Michele's wedding. At every band concert you could feel his passion for music as he described the origins of each piece and personal story regarding most. He taught his students to love music, how to love it, why to love it. He treated his students and their families as his own. Everyone mattered to Mr D.

As we look to carry on with all that he taught us, we honor him by sharing his stories, by teaching others the love of music, by following his example of being a passionate, dedicated, honorable and honored pillar of community.

Although our hearts are breaking and we long to hear his hearty laugh ringing in our ears once more, we know that Mr D would want the show to go on, and so it shall. We miss you D, but we are all better for having known you."

Submitted by Raghu:
"Soorya Avali was born in Houston, Texas on September 17,1992. Soorya and his parents moved to Columbia, SC in 1994 and he grew up in Columbia. He had a passion for learning from a young age and read voraciously on a variety of subjects. He was especially interested in Aircrafts, Submarines and World War II related history. He played Soccer for a few years and learned martial arts and received a Black belt in TaeKwonDo. He also played violin and played for South Carolina Junior Philharmonic Orchestra for a few years.

Soorya graduated from Spring Valley High School as the Salutatorian in 2010. He was exceptionally gifted and achieved the rare distinction of scoring perfect scores on all the 3 sections of SAT. Soorya went to Rice University and graduated in Materials engineering in 2014. He enjoyed his time at Rice, was very active in research, and was engaged in a wide variety of extra curricular activities. His love of humanity and the great outdoors pushed him towards photography and he became a highly skilled and sought after Photographer. Soorya loved everyone unconditionally and made so many friends in his life.

After graduation, he travelled around Europe and visited Scandinavia, Iceland, West Germany, United Kingdom and a few other Western European countries. He started working as a financial analyst for Capital One and passed away unexpectedly on July 28th due to natural causes.

Soorya's Photography, great humanitarian qualities and high intellect continue to inspire the people he touched and will continue to inspire the future generations. As Soorya said during his graduation from college 'the world is too small a place to truly say good bye.'"

Submitted by Holly and Hannah:
"When someone you love dies you don't get over your grief by forgetting, you get through your grief by remembering"

The hardest thing for others (your friends and family co-workers ect.) is they don't quite know what to say after a death even a while after so by not talking about the loved one they feel it is sparing you pain and helping you grieve when in reality it hurts more by not talking about them to know they lived and remembering them is healing grief therapy. yes it can be painful  and we may have tears those tears however are shed from memories made and this can be the uncomfortable part for others not the ones grieving.

Submitted by Jerry:
"Below please find a link to a website which describes Amy and her life:"

Submitted by Selena:
"My favorite memory of my grandma was making cookies with her every Christmas. My favorite was the sugar cookies because she let me decorate them anyway that I wanted."

Submitted by Rochelle:
"My mom was my best friend. We did everything together. I miss her every day and it's been over 5 years since she died."

Submitted by Neil:
"It's my son's birthday today.  We are going to write messages and attach them to balloons and let them go. There are so many things I could write. So many things I would say to him if I had the chance. He was taken too early and too fast. All the things we argued about seem so stupid now.

What I wouldn't do to see his smile one more time. That's what I remember the most — his smile."

Submitted by Jeff:
"Matt was awesome at soccer and I wish we would have had more time together. He would have been my age. I wonder what he would be doing if he was still alive."