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Get a basic overview of what the Caring Place is and how it works to serve grieving children and families in the main Caring Place brochure:

The Caring Place has also produced a series of free educational brochures for families and professionals in the community that address some basic concepts of grief. These brochures enable parents, teachers, guidance counselors, funeral directors, pastors, social workers, hospices and educators, among others, to be better equipped when interacting with children who have experienced the death of a family member. Called "Resources for the Journey of Grief," the series has become a valuable tool in helping people to better understand grief.

At the Highmark Caring Place, one of the questions we hear most is, "What do I say to the children?" We hear it from parents about their children; school staff who are caring for a grieving child in the classroom; mental health, social service, and medical personnel; and concerned friends and family who are trying to help a family in the midst of their grief.


At the Caring Place, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. But we do have the collective experiences of thousands of grieving children and families from which to learn. Through listening to what grieving families have told us, as well as drawing on the knowledge of our expert staff regarding child development and the issues of grief, we have developed the following brochures.

For an overview of what each brochure covers, view the Resources for the Journey of Grief flyer.

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