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Consultation Services

Regardless of your profession, if you touch the lives of children, adults or families in any way, you are likely to encounter someone who is grieving. You will want to help, but you may not know how. You will want to say the right thing but may not be sure what the "right thing" is. You will want to support them but don't know what they might need.

  • A student is returning to school after the recent death of his mom. How can I help him transition back into the classroom?
  • A teacher in our school has died. How should we handle this with our students?
  • A child in our daycare who is fully potty trained has started wetting his pants since him dad died. Is this normal?
  • I have a client whose husband died and she is showing symptoms of depression. How do I know if she is depressed or just grieving?
  • A child in my medical practice needs counseling following the death of his sister. Where should I refer him to?
  • The mom of a teen in our church has just been diagnosed with cancer. How do her parents break this awful news to her?

The Highmark Caring Place staff members are subject matter experts in the field of grief and bereavement.

We can help. And it's free. Just give us a call.